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Although my company is young, founded in 2017, my outdoor roots go back for as long as I can remember.  As a young boy growing up in rural ohio, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household that valued the simple things in life.  As a child my dad woke me up early to go fishing before school, and took me on more camping trips than I can count.

At a young age I tried to absorb as much hunting, camping and fishing information as I could.  Growing up during the 90’s meant that I had to learn from the great writers of my favorite magazines.  With a slow trickle of monthly information I learned everything I could experimenting along the way.

At RangetoReel we might not have the same pedigree as the major players in the outdoor space, but we’re committed to providing as much value as we can to our readers.  We pride ourselves in providing great content and catering it to what our readers want. With a few exceptional writers and low overhead I hope to turn this site into something great.

Even though we’re still a small team with only a few writers I have extremely lofty goals.  We try to pump out as much content as possible without influencing quality.  Unfortunately that’s harder said than done and we’ve hit a few bumps along the way. As we grow we’ll learn from our mistakes and try to expand into newer and broader categories in the outdoor space.  Over time we hope to grow into a one stop place to teach a new generation that loves the outdoors.

I love to hear from our readers, if you have any questions or suggestions about an article feel free to comment and we’ll quickly reply.  As the Founder and primary author of RangetoReel.com I’ll try to help out as much as I can.

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