The Best 1-8x Scopes On The Market

Recent trends in the firearm industry seem to favor low powered scopes. There’s a time and place for 1x magnification scopes, but most shooters eventually want to reach out a little farther.

Some people try and pair their red dot with magnifier, but there’s a better solution. You never know what you’re going to experience while hunting.

A 1-8x magnification scope is the perfect solution for both your short and long range needs. It pairs the convenience of a 1x magnification scope while reaching out a few hundred yards.

What’s The Best 1-8x Scope?

1. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8 X 24 Scope

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When dealing with oddball magnifications it always seems like Vortex Optics dominates the market. Vortex is known for making very high quality scopes at an affordable price.

It seems as though Vortex makes a scope in every magnification level you can imagine. Unless you plan on spending a small fortune this is probably the best scope for most people.  This scope is a little more expensive than most of Vortex offerings, but it far exceeds it’s price.

Unless you plan on spending more than 1k dollars the Vortex 1-8x24mm Strike Eagle is the best scope you are going to find. There really isn’t a huge market for 1-8x scopes so they tend to be more expensive than their peers.

The Vortex Strike Eagle can perform side by side with top dollar scopes. This scope is perfect for your AR15 or any close to medium range rifle. With a true 1x magnification you’ll easily handle close quarter shooting while saving your 8x magnification for long distances.

With a fully multicoated lens you’ll have increased light transmission and a crisp image. The Clarity is on par with scopes that cost significantly more. You’ll be able to see clearly in just about any weather conditions from dawn til dusk.

It also includes a second focal plane with a ar-bdc2 reticle to provide quick target acquisition across all magnification levels. Like all Vortex products the Strike Eagle is made to last.

You will receive a nitrogen gas purged tube for a completely waterproof and fogproof design. If you do somehow manage to damage the Strike Eagle

Vortex offers one of the best warranties on the market. With a complete no questions asked lifetime warranty you won’t have to worry about damaging this extremely durable scope. Unless you’re making the big bucks the Vortex Strike Eagle is going to be most peoples best option.

2. Primary Arms Platinum 1-8x24mm Scope

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If you’re looking for the absolute best look no farther than the Primary Arms 1-8x Scope.

This is one of Primary Arms best scopes in their lineup. It is extremely high quality, but it comes at a very high price. At about the same price as the Vortex scope listed above it offers many of the same features.

With the Platinum Series scope you get a true red dot experience with the option of an 8 times zoom. You can’t get any better than this Platinum series optic.

You almost need to experience this great scope to truly appreciate the quality of this optic. It’s the perfect scope for both close and long range. At close range you will be able to compete with even the best red dots.

This is accomplished with Primary Arms true 1x magnification. It’s hard to find a true 1x magnification scope that doesn’t have any clarity issues. You won’t see any distortion throughout the entire magnification range.

Primary Arms advanced combined sighting system reticle features bullet drop and wind drift compensation, automatic ranging and leads for moving targets. You’ll be able to easily estimate range and make adjustments with this advanced reticle. Once you understand how to use the proprietary reticle you’ll be able to estimate range without much thought.

Durability isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Primary Arms, but this scope was built to last. It is constructed with rugged high strength aluminum to reduce weight while maintaining strength.  Easily able to handle heavy recoil and years of abuse.

The Multicoated glass on this optic is truly impressive. The glass is absolutely crystal clear under all lighting conditions. It would hold up side by side with any other high end scope. The turrets are both sturdy and solid while remaining easy to use. You’ll be able to feel and hear the adjustments to the turrets. If you can afford the primary arms platinum series scope you won’t be disappointed.

3. Primary Arms 1-8x24mm Scope

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Not everybody has the cash to spend on the Primary Arms Platinum series scope.

If you’re like the majority of the world Primary Arms has another option for you. The Primary Arms 1-8x24mm Scope is their entry level model. It comes with many of the features of it’s more expensive brethren without the high price tag. You won’t be disappointed with this great scope.

The most noticeable difference between this Primary Arms scope and the more expensive option is the reticle. The reticle is actually pretty advanced compared to the competitors.

It combines bullet drop compensation, wind holds and moving target leads in one very easy system. The reticle is actually pretty easy to use, though not quite as intuitive as the more expensive option.

You’ll also notice a slight amount of distortion throughout the magnification range, but it’s not bad. The clarity is comparable to the above Vortex scope. You will see a slight motion blur if you increase the magnification above the required level.

Though not quite a true 1x magnification it is very close. This is an extremely durable scope with a completely waterproof design. I’ve never had to use Primary Arms warranty, but they offer a limited lifetime warranty. This is a very nice scope for the price, but I give a slight edge to the Vortex Strike Eagle Listed above.

4. UTG 1-8x28mm Scope

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UTG’s 1-8x28mm scope is by far the cheapest 1-8x optic that is currently available. Not a lot of people have heard of the UTG brand, but they are quickly making a name for themselves in the American market.

UTG has been around since the 90’s in the European market, but they’ve recently switched some of there production into the United States. They offer an extremely nice scope at a very reasonable price.

The UTG 1-8x28mm scope is actually a very nice scope for the price. There’s really not a lot of moderately priced 1-8x scopes on the market. I wouldn’t say this UTG scope is cheap but it’s considerably cheaper than the competition.

What you’re getting for the price is an extremely well built scope without a lot of advanced features. Though it’s listed as a 1-8x magnification scope it’s really closer to a 1.25x magnification. The clarity is consistent throughout the entire magnification range, but you might notice some issues with eye relief or parallax.

Built on a true strength platform this UTG scope is Oxygen purged and Nitrogen filled. This allows the scope to be completely waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. It features UTG’s EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing system with 36 colors in multi-colored mode. Though the UTG 1-8x scope isn’t the best money can buy, you can’t go wrong at this price point.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a high quality optic you really can’t go wrong with the Vortex Strike Eagle. The only scope better than the Strike Eagle is the Primary Arms Platinum Series Scope. You should also consider the Primary Arms 1-8x Scope or the UTG Scope.

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