The Best Duck Call For Beginner Hunters

One of the most important pieces of gear for every beginner duck hunter is the duck call. You can learn all the different duck calls and go nowhere with a worthless call. 

Even though the duck call seems like a very simple device there’s a lot that goes into a quality duck call. It will take a lot of time and practice to master all of the different types of calls. Buying a high quality duck call should help you see results a lot faster.

The good thing is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a decent duck call. Though you might be tempted to buy the newest and greatest call a modestly priced call is all most beginning hunters need.  With a little bit of fine tuning these calls will rival even the most expensive call.

What is The Best Duck Call For Beginners?

1. Triple Threat Duck Call

The Triple Threat Duck Call from Duck Commander is the perfect call for beginner hunters. There’s a reason Duck Commander calls are so popular and it’s not just because of the tv show. Duck Commander makes a quality product at a reasonable price point.

The Triple Threat Duck Call is an extremely versatile duck call. It’s the perfect all around call designed to replicate the mallard hen in her quack, feed and hail call. It might not be the absolute best on the market, but it consistently outperforms similarly priced calls.

The best part about this duck call is how easy it is to use. Without much practice you’ll be able to get a very nice sounding call. It actually sounds very good for the price.

Kind of like a very raspy sounding duck. With a little practice you’ll be able to produce low gravel tones for mature hens to a high scratch pitch to attract young hens.

It is made out of a very tough polycarbonate material that should last a very long time. It uses a patented 3 reed design to make a very audible sound. You shouldn’t have to worry about your reeds sticking together.  If you’re just getting into hunting the Triple threat call is well worth a look.

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2. Duck Commander Wood Duck Call

The Duck Commander wood duck call is a very nice duck call for the price. This is another great product from Duck Commander (they really have taken over the market).

If you’re looking for a wood duck call you can’t go wrong this budget priced call. This is a very easy to use Specialty Series duck call to attract wood ducks.

You’ll be able to easily replicate three sound levels of wood ducks. Very easy to use, this single reed call is perfect for any beginner hunter. Duck Commanders Specialty Series calls not only attract “Off Ducks”, it will help attract ducks late into the hunting season when ducks are wary.

This single reed call is made of a high impact plastic and should last a very long time. In my opinion this is the best wood duck call on the market.

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3. Buck Gardner Double Nasty

Now onto a call that isn’t made by the guys behind Duck Dynasty. The Buck Gardner Double Nasty Duck Call is an extremely nice duck call for the price. As the name implies this duck call will let you get nasty.

This call can do a little bit of everything and produces a very raspy sound. This call uses a combination of a double reed and tone board to produce just about every duck sound you can imagine.

From the very low end to high pitched squeals you’ll be able to produce a sound that will attract something.

The Double Nasty’s sweet spot is with bottom end and mid range feed calls. It uses a super easy double reed call that is perfect for both beginners and advanced hunters.

It even includes what they call spit tech technology. You won’t have to worry about spit causing you’re reeds to stick. For the price I think every beginner hunter should have this great all around duck call.

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4. Faulk’s Deluxe Duck Call

The Faulk’s Deluxe Duck Call is another value priced duck call perfect for a beginner. When you’re looking for a beginner duck call it needs to be easy to blow.

This call from Faulk’s is about as easy as you are going to find. It’s not only easy to blow it produces a very smooth and natural sound. You’ll be calling in your first mallard in no time.

It might not be as durable as some of the other calls on this list but it sure is pretty. These are made out of a very nice looking piece of walnut and look like a well crafted item.

Lot’s of people have found that Mallards and Gadwalls love the sound of this call. If you are looking for one of the easiest calls to master try this Faulk’s Deluxe Duck Call.

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5. Duck Commander Mallard Drake Call

The Duck Commander Mallard Drake Duck call is another one of their specialty series calls. If you’re having a difficult time calling in ducks you’ll want to try this call out.

This is one of the easiest calls to use in the entire Duck Commander lineup. Almost anyone can use this call to produce incredibly lifelike mallard drake noises.

Please remember that this isn’t a quacking call since a Mallard Drake doesn’t quack. A mallard drake makes a whistle like noise which this call replicates perfectly.

With a real low hum you’ll be able to make the perfect mallard drake call. This is made out of a very tough high impact plastic and camouflaged with a dark green color. You can’t beat this well priced easy to use mallard call.

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6. Uncle Si Single Reed Duck Call

The Uncle Si Single Reed Duck Call is about as basic of a call as you’re gonna get. The low price really doesn’t represent the quality of this product. Simply one of the most deadly calls in your arsenal. The Uncle Si call will bring ducks right into your decoys.

It produces a very high raspy tone that will bring them right to you. This call is made for all experience levels. You won’t outgrow this call after your first hunting season.

Even thought the Uncle Si call has a single reed design, it’s extremely easy to blow. With a little bit of adjustment to the reed you’ll have the perfect all around call. 

You’ll be able to get out the perfect amount of raspyness to call in that monster flock.  Not only that, you won’t have to worry about moisture sticking up your reeds.

Made out of a durable polycarbonate you’ll get many seasons of reliable use. Be sure to check out Uncle Si’s favorite multipurpose duck call.

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Don’t Forget a Lanyard

This braided handmade paracord lanyard should last a lifetime. It actually has over 60 feet of paracord if you ever need it in the field. It will hold a total of 5 duck calls and should protect your calls.

One of the worst things about most duck call lanyards is that your calls bang together. With this lanyard none of your calls should bang into each other. It even includes a clip to mount your dog whistle. With this lanyard you’ll look like a pro with one of the best lanyards on the market.

Which Beginner Duck Call is Right For You?

If you’re a beginner you need to stick to a basic call like the Triple Threat Duck Call. With the triple threat duck call you’ll be able to easily call in a ton of ducks.

Though it’s not the cheapest duck call on the market, it’s a premium call at a reasonable price. The call is both easy to use and you won’t have to worry about your reeds sticking.

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