The Best Glock 17 Holster Reviews

The Glock 17 is the gun that started the polymer pistol era.  Glock introduced the pistol designed by Gaston Glock and revolutionized the pistol industry.

It took someone with no experience in the firearm industry to change the way everybody looked at guns. He was able to create the first successful line of pistols with a polymer frame, and they are still widely used today. Designed for professionals it’s the most widely used law enforcement pistol worldwide.

With a ton of great options on the market it’s tough to find the perfect holster for your Glock.  Alien Gear makes one of the best Glock 17 holsters I’ve ever seen.  With an extremely comfortable design and reasonable price tag it’s going to be tough to beat Alien Gears Holster.

Which is The Best Glock 17 Holster?

1. Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster

Notable Features:

  • Premium IWB Holster
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Durable Design
  • Completely Adjustable
  • Lifetime Warranty

Check Price:  Amazon

The Alien Gear Cloak Tuck holster is one of the most comfortable holsters on the market. Alien Gear is known for making extremely comfortable holsters for a lot of different firearms. The base on these holsters is extremely wide which both spreads the weight of your gun and completely blocks your gun from rubbing into your hip.

As much as Glock tried to reduce the size of their polymer lineup it’s still a full sized pistol. The weight and size make inside waistband carry very difficult to achieve. 

Alien Gear holsters solve that problem by spreading the weight of your Glock and protecting your skin with a layer of flexible neoprene. The neoprene layer is what really makes this holster stand out.

It completely blocks your skin from any skin to gun contact that could be uncomfortable. With a custom designed retention shell you’ll always have a perfect fit no matter the firearm.

You can expect a perfect custom fit right out of the box with adjustable retention.   With a fully adjustable ride angle and cant the holster can accommodate any body type. 

Made in the USA this Alien Gear Holster offers a lifetime warranty and 30 day test period. They will even swap holsters with a new one if you buy a different gun. For ultimate comfort you can’t go wrong with an alien Gear Holster.

2. BlackHawk Serpa Paddle Holster

Notable Features:

  • Affordably Priced OWB Holster
  • Serpa Retention System
  • Durable Polymer Construction
  • Index Finger Release

Check Price:  Amazon

Blackhawk’s Serpa paddle holster is one of the most popular holsters on the market.  Its popularity is a testament to the quality and price of the serpa paddle holster.

It was developed primarily for civilian carry and range use but still has an excellent design. With its heavy duty polymer construction the Blackhawk holster will stand up to some serious abuse.

This Blackhawk holster uses their patented serpa design. Serpa holsters have a simple index finger retention release that will securely hold your firearm.

If you have never used a Serpa Holster it will take a little bit of time to get used to it’s design. You need to practice pressing the Serpa button while avoiding your trigger.

People have been known to accidentally shoot themselves in the leg pressing the serpa release. The holster has various mounting options to securely carry your firearm regardless of your gear. The comfort and security of this Blackhawk holster make it hard to beat.

3. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Notable Features:

  • Affordably Priced Kydex Holster
  • Thin and Lightweight Design
  • .08in Thickness
  • Posi Click Audible Retention System

Check Price: Amazon

The Concealment express IWB holster is another excellent choice. This kydex holster has a low profile design so that you can easily conceal your Glock.

A very solid holster that should hold up extremely well.  With its lightweight design you can use this holster with almost any belt.  You won’t have to go out and buy a heavy duty gun belt to hold up your Glock.  If you’re in the market for a IWB holster you should seriously consider the Concealment Express Kydex holster.

It really is hard to pair a IWB holster with a full size 9mm pistol. Thankfully Concealment Express came up with a solution that’s downright comfortable and easy to conceal. 

The comfort of this holster really is at the top of its class.  After a short breaking in period you won’t even be able to feel this kydex holster.  Riding at the perfect position above your waistband it shouldn’t dig into your hip.

You are able to further adjust your carrying angle up to a 15 degree cant for a more customized fit.  Concealment Express chose just the right amount of retention to get the job done.

You will be able to safely hold your firearm without having a difficult time on your draw. If you don’t like the stock retention, screw allow you to further adjust the draw. If you are looking for an IWB holster look no further than this option by Concealment Express.

4. Orpaz Thumb Release Holster

Notable Features:

  • Affordably Priced OWB Holster
  • Durable Polymer Construction
  • Easy Thumb Release Retention System
  • Adjustable Draw

Check Price:  Amazon

The Orpaz thumb release paddle holster is another interesting option for your Glock. This is the only holster that I’ve seen that includes a thumb release.

A thumb release requires a little more dexterity but it’s a definite improvement of index finger release.  It really is a well designed holster and especially nice considering the price.

Orpaz really did a good job designing this Nylon polymer holster. Nylon polymer holsters are known for their strength and durability over time.   What further makes this holster stand out is its adjustment options. 

Fully adjustable with an allen wrench you can completely personalize the draw to your body type. You can actually adjust this holster in a 360 degree rotation so almost anyone can find a comfortable angle.

The Thumb lock and release mechanism provides a level 2 retention. Level 2 retention should be enough for the majority of civilians and shouldn’t cause any problems. With a easy to use thumb release the Orpaz holster is an excellent alternative to the Blackhawk Holster listed above.

5. Gould & Goodrich IWB Holster

Notable Features:

  • Premium IWB Holster
  • High Quality Leather Construction
  • Sturdy Belt Clip
  • Tight Retention

Check Price:  Amazon

The Gould & Goodrich B890 IWB holster is another great option for your Glock 17. If you like leather holsters you really need to give the Gould and Goodrich holster a look.

Using high quality leather this compact holster is the perfect size to easily conceal your full sized Glock.   It’s all that you can expect and more for a mid priced leather holster.

Using top of the line leather the Gould and Goodrich holster should last a long time. It’s the perfect everyday carry holster for extended wear.  The leather is nice and soft while still offering excellent retention.

Like all leather holsters this will initially feel very tight around your guns frame. Over the course of a couple weeks the leather will stretch leaving you with a perfect fit.

With the proper break in period this stiffness will change into the perfect amount of retention for your Glock. With a proper loose fitting shirt you shouldn’t have any trouble with printing.

This type of holster is designed to be clipped directly to your pants or up to 1-3/4 in belt. When placed in the right position this is an extremely comfortable hoslter. If you are looking for a leather IWB Holster this will be hard to beat.

Considerations Before Buying a Holster?

Before you buy a holster there are a few things that you need to take into account.  You need to take an honest look at your normal lifestyle.  What type of clothes you like to where, how you want to carry the gun, what type of places you plan on carrying.  After you get an idea how a gun is going to fit into your lifestyle you can find a holster.

One of the main things people seem to overlook is their usual clothing choice.  That fancy shoulder holster might make sense in a business suit, but how about a dress.  You need to plan your holster around your everyday work attire.  Some women’s outfits just don’t work well with a gun, and carrying in a purse isn’t the best idea.

Another decision you are going to need to decide is how you want to carry.  Is your state gun friendly where open carry is legal? If it is legal have you ever seen anyone actually exercising their rights?  Open Carry works a lot better when your wearing dress clothes instead of flip flops.  If you’re in law enforcement or the military there’s likely departmental policies you need to follow.

Different Holster Types

There are a ton of different types of holsters on the market, so I won’t go through all of them. The following are a few of the most popular carry options.

  • Inside The Waistband(IWB):  IWB carry is the most popular carry option by far.  Unless you’re in law enforcement you’ll most likely use a IWB holster.  They tuck inside of your trousers and mount directly to your belt.  With a IWB holster you can choose between appendix carry, small of the back and anywhere in between.  Some holsters don’t have a adjustable cant so make sure your holster is compatible. IWB holsters work well with just about any modest outfit.
  • Outside The Waistband(OWB):  Unless your in law enforcement you need to think twice about OWB carry.  Where you can legally carry with a OWB holster is going to depend on your state.  Some states have backwards laws about open carry even if you have a concealed carry license.  You can still conceal a OWB holster, but you’re going to need loose fitting clothing.
  • Pocket Carry:  If you’re going to pocket carry do yourself a favor and buy a dedicated pocket holster. Pocket holsters are cheap and significantly reduce the odds of shooting yourself in the leg.  The DeSantis Nemesis is a great pocket holster that increases draw speed and blocks the outline of your gun.
  • Shoulder Holster:  Unless you wear a suit everyday or work in law enforcement you probably won’t use a shoulder holster.  Shoulder holsters are excellent for hiking and hunting in gun friendly states.  Once again just make sure open carry is legal in your state.
  • Drop Leg Holster:  Drop leg holsters are another great option for hiking and hunting.  They mount to the side of your leg and offer full range of motion. Check out my other post on drop leg holsters if you’re interested in wearing one.

Choosing a Holster?

Designed to be a high capacity 9mm pistol in a lightweight package. Holsters come in a wide variety of options depending on your carrying needs. Due to its relatively small package it’s perfect for both open and concealed carry.

  • Open Carry Holsters- Most people choose to open carry a full sized pistol.  Most Outside Waistband Holsters are small enough to work either open or concealed under a loose fitting shirt. Due to this Glock’s popularity in the law enforcement community, there is a huge market for OWB holsters.
  • Concealed Carry Holsters- It might not be the best gun for concealed carry, but millions of people swear by them. With the correct holster you can easily conceal this gun under most clothing.

So What’s The Best Holster For Your Glock 17?

Since Glock is one of the most popular firearm manufacturers in the world you have a lot of holster options. The type of holster you choose will largely depend on what you want to do with your Glock. For the majority of civilians I think the Alien Gear holster will be the best choice.  The added comfort and easy concealability puts the Alien Gear Holster at the top of my list.


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