Best Sp101 Holster 2019:Concealed Carry, OWB

Ruger’s really been doing great things in the concealed carry community.  Both the Sp101 and Ruger LCR have been dominating the concealed carry market. 

It has the strength of the powerful .357 magnum round without the bulk of the S&W 686 or GP100. It’s pretty obvious why it’s one of the most popular concealed carry revolvers on the market. With the right holster this snubnose revolver is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to concealed carry.

Which is the Best Sp101 Holster For Ruger Revolvers

1) Masc Leather OWB Paddle Holster for SP101

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Masc holsters makes an exceptional holster for the SP101.  Unlike most of the other holsters Masc designed it specifically for the Ruger Sp101. This holster is available for all makes of the Ruger Sp101. . If you are looking for an OWB holster you need to check this one out.

Masc holsters are made from genuine leather and come premolded for a perfect fit. Designed for an easy draw with excellent retention qualities.  With an included thumb break and retention strap, you won’t have to worry about your gun falling out of its holster.

One of the best features on this holster is the adjustable paddle so that you can change the carrying angle. You can go between a vertical and horizontal holster stances by simply changing the location of two screws.  Though it’s somewhat expensive you can’t beat the high quality design.If you’re looking for an OWB holster you need to check out Masc Holsters.

2) Cebeci IWB Leather Holster Ruger SP101

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Another great option for your revolver is made by Cebeci Holsters.  Cebeci designed their holster for inside waistband use. You really can’t go wrong with the excellent craftsmanship found in this holster.

Pair that with an affordable price tag and you have a recipe for success.  Designed to be perfect for deep concealment, the holster is barely visible in tight fitting clothes. You could wear almost anything and not worry about your gun showing.

Where Cebeci holsters really shine is their leather quality.  Using high quality top-grain cowhide leather that’s sure to last through years of daily use. The inside of this holster is felt lined to protect your gun and minimize snags. 

With its heavy duty retention system you won’t have to worry about losing your revolver. Not only are inside waistband holsters known to improve retention. This holster also comes with a snap closure to hold your sp101 more securely.

It’s made for the man on the go, whether you’re riding a motorcycle or mowing the lawn. You won’t have to worry about dropping your gun no matter your profession. Cebeci designed their holster to be compatible with any barrel length or grip. If you’re looking for an Iwb holster check out this option from Cebeci.



3) Galco Ankle Glove for Ruger SP101 2 1/4-Inch

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When you need to carry an ankle holster Galco’s one of your only quality options.  The Galco Ankle Lite is easily the most comfortable ankle holster currently on the market. 

All of the other holsters are either uncomfortable or offer horrible retention. Ankle holsters have a tendency to be uncomfortable, but this holster is the exception. You can easily go all day wearing this holster without any chafing or rubbing. The only downside to this holster is that it’s only available in 2 1/4″ barrel configuration.

What makes the Ankle glove so comfortable is the neoprene ankle band. This neoprene band is wide enough to give your gun good support without moving as you walk. Most people find that this holster is so comfortable that they will eventually forget it’s even there.

There is additional sheepskin padding added to this holster to further protect your ankle. With its reinforced thumb break and perfectly molded shell you won’t have to worry about your gun moving around. 

I really like that this holster doesn’t have a retention strap. Instead they use a modified tension unit that secures your firearm and speeds up your draw.  The tension unit allows you to dial in either your hammered or hammerless sp101.

4) DESANTIS N38 The Nemesis Pocket Holster Ambidextrous

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Pocket holsters are often overlooked in the concealed carry world. They don’t offer the same gun security as more traditional holsters. What they do offer is added comfort and deep concealment.

The Desantis nemesis pocket holster is actually an extremely effective holster for the price. The Nemesis pocket holster doesn’t look all that impressive, but it does it’s job well. This holster is made to grip your pocket so you can easily draw your firearm.

If you’ve never tried the Desantis pocket holster you probably wonder if the holster comes out with the gun. I can easily say that 99 percent of the time the holster will stay in your pocket when you draw the gun.

The only time I had an issue with this is carrying this holster on the inside pocket of my suit. The pocket isn’t the same shape as a pants pocket so it didn’t grip the sides properly.

It can stay in your pocket because of the sticky rubber material that this holster is made out of. The holster will grab a hold of your pocket and allow you to easily draw your gun. The way this holster is shaped you have a hard time seeing the outline of your gun.

Concealed Carry Tips

If you have never shot the Sp101 you might wonder why you would want to carry one. This little snubnose revolver shoots the powerful .357 magnum round. You would be surprised at how little recoil you can actually feel. You can feel even less recoil shooting 38 special rounds. There is a huge demand for snub nose revolvers in the concealed carry world.

A lot of people like to choose a Ruger LCR or Smith and Wesson 642. Both of these are fantastic choices but they aren’t made for everybody. You see a lot of women and men that have weak wrists struggling with the recoil on these revolvers. I personally am recovering from a wrist surgery on my dominant hand and have a hard time shooting my 642. So that’s where the Ruger Sp101 comes in. I can load the Sp101 with hot 38 special loads and there is very minimal recoil. This allows you to increase the speed of follow up shots and stay on target. The only downside to this revolver is that it only holds 5 rounds.

Different types of Holsters

There is a vast world of holsters out there and it can get hard to choose which one is the best. There are quite a few open carry holsters available for the Sp101, but I personally prefer a full size revolver if I’m going to open carry. So for the majority of this article I’m going to stick with concealed carry holsters. The majority of Ruger Sp101 Holsters fall into the categories of Inside Waistband Holsters, Outside Waistband Holsters, Ankle Holsters and Pocket Holsters.

  • Inside Waistband Holsters- Inside Waistband Holsters aka IWB holsters are the primary holsters people use while concealed carrying. As the name implies this type of holster goes within your beltline and is difficult to see while concealed. Inside waistband holsters are probably the most effective concealed carry solution for most people.
  • Outside Waistband Holsters– Outside the waistband holsters aka owb holsters are typically used for open carry. It is possible to concealed carry with an OWB holster if you are wearing loose fitting clothes. If you don’t live in an open carry state I would be hesitant about carrying this way. You could end up with a charge for brandishing a weapon which is a serious offense in most instances.
  • Ankle Holsters- Ankle holsters are a very convenient way to concealed carry. You typically don’t have to worry about printing and they are relatively comfortable and secure. The biggest issue with this type of holster is the draw speed. You really have to practice frequently to quickly draw from your ankle. This type of holster is great for a law enforcement backup gun or for settings that guns wouldn’t be acceptable. I typically use an ankle holster when I go to meetings at outside locations. That way I don’t make anyone that I’m working with uncomfortable.
  • Pocket Holsters– Pocket Holsters are actually very convenient. You don’t have to worry about your belt sagging or the gun rubbing on your skin. The downside is that you lose a pocket to carry your keys or phone and they can be difficult to take out of your pocket.

What’s The Best SP101 Holster???

There is no one right choice when choosing a  holster. The best holster is going to depend on what you do everyday.  I personally like to have a few different options depending on what I’m doing that day. Most shooters will enjoy the quality of the Cebeci IWB Holster. An inside the waistband holster is the most versatile concealed carry option. If for some reason you don’t like to carry with an IWB holster, any of the other holsters listed above would be an excellent alternative.

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