Finding The Best Bipod For AR10 Rifles

The AR10 broke into the shooting world and changed the tactical firearm market forever. Forefather to the AR15, the high-powered AR10 was one of the first tactical rifles in the civilian market.

A whole new era of civilian tactical mods hit the market. The AR10 was designed from the ground up to be one of the most versatile rifles in history. The long range accuracy of the Win 308, combined with the personalization features makes the AR10 a formidable long distance rifle.

If you are going to shoot long distances you are going to need a high quality bipod. Finding a high quality bipod for the AR10 doesn’t have to be difficult.

What is The Best Bipod for The AR10?

1. Harris Engineering S-BRM Hinged Base 6 – 9-Inch BiPod

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The Harris Engineering S-BRM bipod is one of the most versatile bipods on the market. Harris Engineering is known for making some of the best bipods in the firearm industry. Harris practically set the benchmark for what a high quality bipod needs to look like. Professionals and civilians alike rely on the durability of Harris Bipods.

Harris has long been regarded as being the best bipod manufacturer. Harris offers extreme quality, but that comes at a steep price. They are one of the most expensive bipod manufacturers in the world. What you get for your money is a bipod that’s almost indestructible. This military grade bipod can be used in just about any environment with consistent results. Even the legendary sniper Chris Kyle chose this Harris bipod for all of his top performing rifles. This bipod was designed to be permanantly mounted to any rail or swivel stud. It includes a 6-9 inch adjustable base that will fit almost any frame. The S-BRM bipod can swivel up to 45 degrees so you won’t need to adjust your position to cover a wide field of view. Harris’ S-BRM Bipod is perfect for any tactical military or civilian operation.

2. Harris Engineering Solid Base 6 – 9-Inch BiPod

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Not everybody is looking for a swivel mount Rifle bipod. If you’re shooting at long range still targets swivel bipods add variability that can throw off your shot.

The slight side to side sway will hinder your accuracy at long range. Having a stationary bipod is extremely beneficial when sighting in long distance scopes and testing new reloads.

Most of the time I prefer a swivel mount for my rifles, but I see where stationary could be an advantage. While hunting you are rarely going to come across an animal that is standing in one spot.

So I like to practice with what I’m going to use in the field which is a swivel mount. However there is a time and a place for using a stationary bipod. If you’re competing at long range a stationars is almost a necessity. Removing slight factors that can affect your trajectory is an important factor in long range shooting. This Harris bipod is the perfect solution if all you plan on doing is shooting targets.

The Harris 1A2-BRM bipod is the absolute best solid base bipod. This adjustable bipod will extend from 6-9″ in length. This is the perfect length for most It uses spring loaded legs to easily adjust the height and shooting stance.  

The compact design folds up neatly underneath you’re rifle and stays securely locked in place. Like all Harris products it’s nearly indestructible. You a can easily see why Harris is known for quality.

3. TipTop Tactical Bipod

If you can’t afford the Harris bipod the TipTop Tactical bipod is a very close replacement. TipTop Tactical is quickly making a name for themselves in the firearm industry. They compete side by side with the best products on the market. Over time they’ve proven to be a direct competitor to the Harris lineup of bipods.

I really liked the additional height compared to the products listed above. Fully adjustable from 7-10.5″, which should work with most body frames. It might not seem like a lot but the 1.5″ makes a huge difference in the snow and tall grass. 

I live in Ohio so you never know how much snow you’re going to get during the winter. The 10.5″ gives me a little more wiggle room to work with. The 7″ height might be a little to high for smaller framed women and men so take that into consideration.

Like the Harris this is another extremely durable option that folds up into your rifles frame. The springs firmly secure your bipod in both the up and down positions.  It takes a little pressure to release the tension and allow it to fold up or down. The field of view is very wide, but not quite as good as the Harris.

4. BLACKHAWK! Sportster 9-13″ Adjustable Bipod

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BlackHawk’s Sportster adjustable bipod is another affordable option for your rifle. Blackhawk is huge in the tactical civilian firearm community. Known more for their Serpa Holsters than their tactical gear, but they have been making a name for themselves. Most of their products are very high quality for the price.

The Blackhawk Sportster adjustable bipod is an extremely versatile bipod. With one of the widest adjustment ranges  on this list you have a lot of options with the sportster.

It’s fully adjustable from 9-13″ which makes it a perfect choice for medium to large framed men. Men and women under 5’7″ might have a difficult time shooting from the prone position. It’s not quite durable as the above products, but it’s perfect for casual civilian use.

For the vast majority of people the Sportster is going to be all that they will ever need. You will be able to swivel throughout a fairly wide view(more than comfortable without moving). The larger profile of this design means it will take up a little more room in your gun safe.

5. UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Rubber Feet, Center Height 8.3″-12.7″

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UTG’s Tactical Op Bipod is another great product at an affordable price. UTG is another company that’s quickly making a name for themselves in the firearm industry.

UTG has been around since the 90’s but has been mostly in the European market. In the past few years they’ve shifted production into the United States and are dominating the mid priced market. I love the UTG Bugbuster scope and this bipod is the perfect companion.

UTG’s Tactical bipod is by far the cheapest product on this list. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price, it’s actually really sturdy for the price. With a wide adjustment range from 8.3-12.7” it’s perfect for most body types.

This is another do everything product that’s designed to work for most people. The large rubber feet add to the stability greatly reducing noticeable sway.   Swivel angle is what really sets this apart from other cheap bipods.  With a wide swivel angle you have a large field of view.

Final Verdict

There is no question about it, you aren’t going to beat the Harris Swivel Mount or Solid Base Bipod. No other manufacturer can compare to the quality you get from Harris. If you want to save a little money go with the TipTop Tactical Bipod. It’s still extremely sturdy and comes with a wide adjustment range.  For a real value choose the Blackhawk Bipod or UTG Tactical Bipod.

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