The Best AR15 Carry Handle Scope Mount

The Modern AR15 is evolving into a new world of tactical and modular upgrades. Whether or not you like this shift is a matter of public opinion. There is a time and place for tactical upgrades like the newest holographic sight, thermal scope or tactical light, but sometimes less is more. If you tend to lean more towards the classic look you’ll probably want a carry handle. The classic AR 15 was based on the concept that the simplicity of the design would increase the firearms effectiveness and reduce cost. Though it’s mostly stayed the same over the years one of the major differences is the removal of the Carry Handle. Shooters began to prefer other mounting options like Picattiny and weaver Rails. Purists on the other hand want that class carry handle look.


The Best AR 15 Carry Handle Scope Mount

The type of AR 15 Carry handle mount that you choose will largely depend on if you have a fixed carry handle or flat top design. With a fixed carry handle all you need is a carry handle mount. If you have a flat top style AR 15 you are going to need a detachable carry handle and mount. You can find an excellent carry handle regardless of which style AR 15 you have.


1. UTG AR15 Carry Handle Rail Mount

If you have an AR 15 with a fixed carry handle than all you need is a good carry handle mount. This carry handle mount made by UTG is one of the best. The combination of low price and extremely sturdy design makes this one of the best AR 15 carry handle scope mounts on the market. Like the majority of UTG products this scope mount was built to last. It provides a very sturdy base for almost any sized optic.

If you are looking for a Carry handle rail mount that simply works, don’t look past the UTG rail mount. This rail was designed with superior mil-spec quality, which means that it can handle some serious use. Perfect for use in competition it provides a firm base for the optic of your choice. The solid machined construction and matte black finish will compliment you’re traditional black rifle. The mount will fit neatly inside your upper receivers carry handle to provide a very neat appearance. It will fit just about any standard AR 15 carry handle regardless of make or model. If you are looking for a standard black AR 15 carry handle scope mount you can’t go wrong with this model from UTG.



2.  Monstrum Tactical AR-15 Carry Handle Rail Mount

If you are looking for a dark earth colored AR 15 Carry handle mount there is really only one option. The only tan mount that I have ever seen is made by Monstrum Tactical. Monstrum Tactical has been quickly gaining ground in the firearm industry. They seem to offer a wide range of niche products that other companies don’t want to provide. They are quickly carving their own path in the industry by making high quality products.

This Monstrum Tactical Dark earth carry handle mount is surprisingly nice for the price. Monstrum Tactical makes a carry handle mount in both Flat Dark Earth and Matte Black. This was made to be used with just about any standard AR-15 carry handle. The rail mount will lock securely into place on top of the carry handle while allowing cowitness of the rear sight. The sturdy anodized aluminum frame finished in a flat dark earth will match you’re other rifle accessories. If you are looking for a high quality earth toned carry handle mount this is really the only solution I’ve found.

3. Feyachi Dual Aperture Picatinny Rail mount

If you own a flat top AR-15 look no farther than the Feyach Dual Apertur Picatinny Rail Mount. They offer a complete carry handle solution at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a detachable carry handle you need to check out this kit. The Feyachi combo includes everything you need to attach to your flat top AR 15. This is one of the best budget carry handle solutions on the market.

You receive way more than the low price implies with this Feyachi rail mount. That being said you can’t expect to receive a $150 mount for less than a third of the price. What you do receive is a detachable carry handle mount that the majority of users will be happy with. If you plan on taking your rifle to battle I would spend a little more cash. This is an all in one solution to mount a detachable carry handle to just about any flat top AR 15 with a picatinny rail. You will receive a sturdy carry handle and rail mount that will hold just about any optic of your choice. The manufacturer claims that you can cowitness your iron sights. This will probably take a low profile scope mount and optic. If you are looking for a budget AR 15 detachable carry handle consider this product made by Feyachi.

Why Mount a Scope on Your Carry Handle?

Originally the AR 15 Carry handle was used to protect the charging handle, so that the bolt wouldn’t accidentally be pulled out of battery. Once the design was changed the carry handle was no longer necessary for the original purpose. It was kept so that they could easily mount optics to the carry handles bolt hole. Once people started adopting different rail systems, the carry handles were removed from the rifles.

AR 15 carry handles are quickly becoming somewhat of a niche product. Most people choose them because of their classic design. Maybe that was the rifle design they used while in the military. Even people who prefer the flat top design will admit that the carry handle gives a good base to mount your optic. Most people don’t realize that you should never actually hold your rifle by the carry handle. It should only be used to carry your optic, hence the name. Regardless of the reason there is still a large market for AR 15 Carry Handles.

Which Carry Handle Mount is Right For You?

The majority of people that want a carry handle on their AR 15 will purchase it that way from the factory. If you already have a fixed AR 15 Carry handle you should purchase the UTG Mount or the Monstrum Tactical Mount. Both of these are high quality mounts at a very low price. People that want to mount a detachable carry handle on their AR15 should purchase the Feyachi Combo. This is a quality all in one solution at a reasonable price. Regardless of which model you choose any of the above options will be a quality AR 15 carry handle scope mount.

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