Eotech 512 vs XPS2

Anybody that has any experience in the tactical rifle world has heard of Eotech.  It seems like they’ve been around forever making the only true holographic sights on the market.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in the military or just a civilian a Eotech Holographic sight will pair well with your rifle.

Even though Eotech makes tons of great holographic sights, it always seems to come down to two.  The battle between the Eotech 512 vs XPS2 isn’t an easy one.  It all boils down to what you need and how much you’re willing to spend.

Eotech 512 vs XPS2

Both the Eotech 512 and XPS2 have more things in common than differences.  For being two of the most advanced optics on the market their design is actually quite simple.  Both optics feature a boxy wide open sight picture that’s perfect for close quarter combat and target shooting alike. If you aren’t looking for night vision it’s going to be hard to beat either of these options.

Featuring a fixed 1x reticle with different reticle designs and color options.  My biggest complaint about all Eotech sights is the battery life. With a 600 hour battery life for the XPS2 and 1000 hours for the 512 they aren’t even close to matching similarly priced red dots.  For example the Aimpoint’s base model the Aimpoint Pro offers close to 5 years of continuous battery power.

Fortunately most people don’t buy Eotech because of its battery life.  The main reason people switch to a holographic sight is the sight clarity and dependability.  You need to see a holographic sight to understand just how how crisp it is compared to a traditional red dot.  With a red dot you might notice glare where a holographic sight will be perfectly crisp at all brightness settings.

What are The Primary Differences?

At first glance both the 512 and XPS2 offer very similar specifications.  Since neither sight is night vision capable they also offer about the same performance, but there are a few differences.

Batteries:  The most obvious difference between the Eotech 512 and XPS2 is the battery type.  The 512 uses a standard AA battery, while the XPS2 uses the less conventional 123 lithium battery.  Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages with the primary one being size and battery life.  AA batteries are much larger and easier to find, but they offer a longer 1000 hour battery life.  123 Lithium batteries on the other hand are smaller, have a 600 hour battery life and you won’t find them in most checkout lines.  However they aren’t all that expensive and can be easily purchased on Amazon.

Size:  It really is a no brainer when comparing the overall size of these two holographic sights.  The XPS2 is the smallest non night vision holographic sight on the market.  At 3.8″ long it’s considerably shorter than the 5.6″ long 512.  Whether or not that means anything to you will depend on your rail length.  Since both these holographic sights aren’t compatible with night vision(Eotech EXPS3 and 552 are the equivalent night vision products) the only time it really makes a difference is when you add a magnifier.  With a

Reticle Options:  Unfortunately the 512 doesn’t have any reticle options other than the standard circle dot pattern.  If you want additonal reticle options you’ll have to get either the XPS2 or one of the more expensive night vision compatible models.  The Image below shows all the different reticle options available for the XPS2 model.


Eotech XPS2 Complete Overview

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Eotech’s XPS2 Holographic sight is a little bit newer than the aging 512 and therefore it’s slightly more expensive.  It’s the shortest, smallest and lightest Eotech model that doesn’t include nightvision.  It’s size and weight make it a convenient option for hunters and law enforcement agencies.

With extremely fast target acquisition you’ll be able to quickly get your groups on target much farther than with traditional iron sights.  While I probably wouldn’t recommend going out past 100 yards with a true 1x holographic sight your range can be extended with the addition of a magnifier.  Personally I have a Vortex 3x Magnifier on my rifle rather than the expensive Eotech model.

As quickly as the target is identified you’ll have the reticle superimposed on top of your target.  The sight allows you to maintain eye contact with the target while quickly bringing the reticle into focus.  With unlimited eye relief and a parallax free design you can quickly acquire the target for fast and accurate shot placement.

Running off a single Lithium 123 battery you’ll get a total battery life of up to 600 hours.  Unfortunately the battery lifes a bit on the low side compared to the 1000 hour 512 and Aimpoint’s 50,000 hour battery life, but the auto shutoff feature helps increase battery life.

Durability is where both of these holographic sights really shine.  With completely shockproof, waterproof and fogproof designs you’ll never have to worry about damaging your Eotech sight.


Eotech 512 Complete Overview

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The Eotech 512 model is what most people picture when they think about a holographic sight.  It’s the same basic design that’s been around for years and offers much of the same functionality.

The primary advantage of the 512 is it’s price and battery life.  Being the original Eotech design it’s the cheapest holographic sight on the market.  While it might not have advanced night vision compatibility it does have the same sight picture as all the other models.

Running off of 2 AA batteries it offers the longest battery life of any holographic sight on the market.  With over 1000 continuous hours of battery life it has almost twice the capacity as the comparable XPS2.

However the extended battery life comes at a price.  At a total length of 5.6″ it’s a little bit longer than most of the other models.  Even when paired with a magnifier it’s still going to be smaller than your average Leupold or Nikon scope, but you’ll have limited mounting options with shorter rails.

As hard as it may be for some of you to picture a holographic sight on a hunting rifle, Eotech has really made a name for themselves in the hunting world.  They even offer a camoflauge model that’s perfect for any hunting rifle.

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