How to Fill Your Hunting Blind Bag

Filling up your hunting blind bag is one of the most daunting tasks for young hunters. Forgetting something important can quickly ruin an otherwise great hunt. The easiest way to make sure you bring everything you need is to prepare a simple checklist ahead of time. With a Hunting blind bag checklist you’ll be able to quickly pack without accidentally forgetting something important.

Finding a Hunting Blind Bag

If you don’t already have a blind bag you should check out the ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Deluxe Blind Bag. The heavy Duty Delta blind bag is big enough to hold a few boxes of shells and everything else on this checklist. Delta blind bags are completely waterproof and made out of a foam material. It will actually float if you accidentally drop it into the pond. It even has a separate waterproof valuables pocket that you can store your phone, keys and anything else you don’t want to lose.

If you want to give your buddies a good laugh just forget your shotgun shells on your next duck hunt. Believe me when I say they won’t be quick to let you live it down. It’s not only embarrassing it’s frustrating as well. Sitting down in your blind to find out you forgot a box of shells will make a grown man cry. Do this once and you’ll quickly realize you should have made a hunting blind bag checklist.

Your checklist should include all of the essential items you’re going to need on the hunt. A few things I include in my blind bag checklist are shells, dog whistle, cell phone, sunglasses, hunting license, insect repellent, duck strap, extra duck calls, wire cutters, multitool, binoculars, wire ties, earplugs, extra contacts and solution, hand warmers, choke tubes, gloves and anything else you can think of. This is just the start of my list. I have a ton of other random stuff strewn about that’s been helpful over the years.  You’ll probably need another list for all your cold weather hunting gear.

You should pick and choose what you want to take with you depending on the weather and other variables in your hunt. I further fine tune my selection depending on where I’m going and what the weather looks like. If you’re hunting with a buddy someone is bound to forget something or break something. I tend to pack a few extra sets of earplugs and an extra pair of sunglasses just in case.

You will also want to bring along a cheap first aid kit. Don’t forget a second set of gear if your bring along a well trained retriever.  It will really only be useful for disinfecting basic cuts and scratches so it really doesn’t matter what kind. A basic veterinary first aid kit would be useful as well. Trying to use regular gauze on a wet and injured squirming dog is nearly impossible. Veterinary first aid kits have supplies designed specifically for your dogs fur. The gauze sticks to the fur and is well worth the slight price premium. A few dog treats might give your furry friend a little extra motivation on long hunts.

Your hunting blind bag should also include a few basic shotgun cleaning supplies. A collapsible cleaning rod might be a good investment as well. No matter how careful you are, you’re bound to eventually get some mud in your barrel. A collapsible cleaning rod might might just save your hunt. You might not even need to bring all of these tools down to your blind. Keep anything you don’t feel like carrying in your truck. At least a small hiccup won’t mean the end of the hunt.

It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are you’ll forget something. Checklists have a tendency to grow over time as you learn more about the sport. Over the years mine has grown into a catalog of just about everything a man could need. Everybody has different needs in a duck blind but over the years a blind bag checklist should leave you prepared for anything.

Other Useful Items For Your Hunting Blind Bag

Whether or not you need all of these items will be a matter of personal preference and where you’re hunting. If you’re hunting your own lease you might not need everything on this list.

  • Brush Clippers or a small hatchet
  • Neck or Wind protector
  • Miscellaneous smalls like lighters, duct tape, wrenches a watch
  • Gun lubricant and cleaner
  • A can of ether and drain plug if you’re hunting with a boat or atv
  • A short Check Cord to help control an over anxious retriever in the blind.
  • A booklet with basic hunting regulations and sun tables
  • rangefinder and possibly gps in unfamiliar locale
  • usb pocket phone charger

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