Best Glock 27 Ankle Holster 2019:Concealed Carry

The Glock 27 is one of the most popular concealed carry guns on the market. With it’s small size and powerful cartridge, the Glock 27 is an excellent concealed carry option.

It’s comfortable dimensions makes this gun an extremely popular choice with police departments. With it’s standard 9 round capacity this Glock is quickly becoming one of the most popular police backup guns in the world.

Ankle holsters are the perfect solution for a police officers backup gun. They’re comfortable easy to use and can be worn in almost any situation. From the backyard BBQ to black tie affairs, you can do it all with a ankle holster.

The 5 Best Glock 27 Ankle Holsters are:
  1. Galco Glock 27 Ankle Glove
  2. Galco Glock 27 Ankle Lite
  3. Fobus Glock 27 Ankle Holster
  4. DeSantis Glock 27 Die Hard Ankle Rig
  5. CONCEALED CARRIER Ankle Holster For Glock 27

The Best Glock 27 Ankle Holsters

1) Galco Glock 27 Ankle Glove

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The Galco ankle glove is easily one of the best ankle holsters on the market. Galco is known for making some of the highest quality holsters on the market.

The Galco ankle glove is made using some of the best materials available. The Galco ankle glove has been used by countless police officers, military and average citizens. Tested for durability the Galco ankle glove will stand up to even the toughest daily activities.

If I’m being honest the Galco ankle glove is somewhat on the expensive side. What you get for your money is proven reliability and a holster that you can carry everyday.

Galco holsters are simply some of the most durable holsters on the market. The ankle glove is made out of a material that is similar to a scuba suit, with a heavy duty leather holster. The neoprene material will almost mold to your leg creating a very comfortable ankle holster.

The holster breathes well and won’t slip throughout the day. The outside leather holster is a hard leather that is custom molded to the Glock 27. This is the perfect holster for everyday carry and should last for years. The comfort and durability of this holster makes this one of the best options for everyday carry.

2) Galco Glock 27 Ankle Lite

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If you decide that you don’t have the money to purchase the Galco Ankle glove this is another great holster by Galco. The Galco ankle lite is their mid tier offering for the Glock 27.

The primary difference between these two holsters is the way that they are molded. The Galco ankle lite is designed to be used with a large variety of small framed pistols. You will receive a high quality Galco holster that can be used with a wide variety of your firearms.

The Galco Ankle Lite uses very high quality materials. You can see the difference in stitching between this holster and a few of the cheaper options. Initially this holster will fit tight on your gun but over a few weeks it will mold to your Glock.

The neoprene ankle band and velcro closure will combine extended comfort with a high level of security. You won’t have to worry about your Glock falling out of this holster in even the most demanding situations.

Additional sheepskin padding is added to this holster for additional comfort. The Galco ankle lite is an excellent Glock 27 holster at a reasonable price.

3) Fobus Glock 27 Ankle Holster

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You get a lot of holster for your money with the Fobus Ankle Holster. This Glock 27 ankle holster is one of the best bang for your buck holsters on the market. It’s hard to beat this Fobus holster for the price.

You receive a high quality molded leather holster at a fraction of the price of the above Galco Holsters. If you don’t like this Fobus holster they have one of the best warranties on the market. All Fobus holsters have a lifetime 100% customer service, no questions asked policy.

This Glock 27 Fobus ankle holsters are an excellent solution for everyday carry. They offer a ultra lightweight and comfortable holster for everyday carry.

The thick suede lined pad gives a high level of comfort and minimizes rubbing on your leg. This holster has excellent retention and will hold your Glock comfortably and securely. The passive retention system on the holster will secure your firearm. The Fobus holster is an excellent budget option for your Glock 27.

4) DeSantis Glock 27 Die Hard Ankle Rig

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The Desantis Glock 27 ankle holster is another mid tier holster for your Glock. This holster is made by Desantis which is a trusted holster brand.

Desantis holsters provide a high level of craftsmanship at a moderate price. This holster was specifically designed for federal law enforcement agencies. They had to focus on quality materials while keeping the price point down. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase of this Desantis holster.

The Desantis Glock 27 ankle rig is Desantis latest ankle rig design. They are built from top grain saddle leather and coated with a tough PU coating for additional durability.

It would take a long time of serious abuse to cause any damage to this holster. The smooth leather lining will protect your guns finish while offering a quick smooth draw.

The neoprene leg band will offer a high level of security while maintaining comfort. The leg band is padded with both foam and sheepskin for additional comfort. The Desantis Glock 27 ankle rig is a moderately priced holster that offers a high level of performance.

5) CONCEALED CARRIER Ankle Holster For Glock 27

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Not everybody needs an expensive ankle holster for their gun. If you are just looking for a budget generic ankle rig for your Glock 27 this is an excellent option.

This ankle rig will hold most small sized firearms along with an additional magazine. I probably wouldn’t recommend this setup for your primary firearm or everyday carry, but this ankle rig serves a purpose. For occasional use this holster isn’t bad for the price.

This is a generic ankle holster, so you get what you paid for. The holster will fit a wide variety of small pistols. Ranging from pocket semi autos to snub nose revolvers, this is a one size fits all solution.

That being said, no pistol actually fits perfectly. The strap will hold your Glock 27 in place but you will need to remove a strap before every draw. The flimsy elastic strap will eventually break, so I wouldn’t recommend this for everyday carry. This Glock 27 ankle holster might not be the best, but it’s a budget holster that will work with a wide range of guns.

Who Should Use a Ankle Holster?

Ankle holsters don’t make sense for everybody. An ankle holster will never match the performance of a traditional OWB or IWB holster. It’s simply not possible to draw a gun from your ankle, at the same speed as your waist.

The majority of people who choose an ankle holster do so out of necessity. You might have a policy at work that’s not gun friendly, or want to carry with a slim fit dress shirt.

Ankle holsters are a perfect solution since they are extremely easy to conceal. Most people don’t look at a person’s ankles so printing shouldn’t be much of a concern.

One of the biggest markets for ankle holsters is as a police backup gun. Whether or not you can use a backup gun is going to be a matter of department policy.

Due to the popularity of the Glock platform many officers choose either a Glock 26 or Glock 27. A ankle holster is the perfect choice for either of these backup guns.

How to Wear Your Ankle Holster

Surprisingly this is something that a lot of people overlook. They just assume they’re going to be comfortable. Honestly, ankle holsters are going to take some getting used to.

Which Leg Should You Use?

Before you even consider getting a holster you need to figure out which leg you want it to go on. Some guys like a crossdraw, while others prefer a straight draw from their dominant leg. Regardless of the leg you choose it’s going to take a little bit of practice.

Personally I like wearing my gun on the inside of my left leg. This allows me to get a quicker draw when I shoot with my right hand. Whenever I go to the range I practice my draw.

Practice dropping down pulling up your jeans and unholstering the gun. Remember that it’s not a natural movement so it’s going to take time to develop the right pattern.

Ideally your holster should ride up high on your ankle. If she drops down too low it’s going to quickly get uncomfortable. You should definitely consider buying a calf strap. (This is the one I use) I went with Galco because it’s cheap and provides a ton of support.

Improve Comfort

Most premium ankle holsters offer a ton of padding between the holster and your leg. If you’re doing a lot of walking you definitely want a high end holster.

Do yourself a favor and skip those cheap $10 ankle holsters you see at gun shows. They might work in the short term, but the added price of a Galco/Desantis/Fobus holster is well worth it. They’re just going to be so much more comfortable.

If you’re going to be walking a lot, plan on wearing long thick socks. I’ll typically wear my thick hiking socks so that my holster doesn’t rub. (Check Out My Favorite Socks)

You just have to practice walking with your holster. A few quick trips to the store will allow you to get used to the holster. At first ankle holsters are pretty uncomfortable, but after a couple days you won’t even know it’s there.

Drawing Your Glock From an Ankle Holster

Drawing your gun isn’t a natural movement, it’s going to take a lot of practice. Before choosing an ankle holster you need to figure how much you’re willing to practice. If you can’t get to the range regularly you’re better off with a IWB Holster(my favorite IWB holster).

You’ve gotta practice, those few extra seconds fumbling around could just mean the difference between life and death. Doesn’t matter how much you practice it’s going to take about 1.5 seconds to draw your gun.

Understand that sometimes you won’t have enough time to draw from your ankle and would have been better off with a IWB holster. If you’re held up at gunpoint just give away your money. Ankle holsters are more of a fallback plan when you don’t have another way out.

  • Build Up Muscle Memory: It’s going to take a lot of practice to build up enough muscle memory. You’ll have to draw your gun thousands of times before you’re proficient.
  • Practice Multiple Positions: You won’t always be standing when you need to draw your gun. Practice from a seated position, crouching, standing and with a seatbelt on. Sometimes it’s going to be tough and require a lot of practice.
  • Time Your Draw: Remember that you need to be able to draw your gun in under 1.5 seconds. Getting down from 3-4 seconds won’t be done overnight.

Drawing from the kneeling position is the quickest way to draw your gun.

  1. Kneel Down or bend over to get access to your gun
  2. Pull up your pants leg using both hands
  3. Unbuckle the snap with your non-shooting hand
  4. Draw your Glock from the ankle holster.

Other Points to Consider

Not everybody can successfully pull off an ankle holster. Some of our bodies just can’t support a full sized ankle holster.

Ankle Size Matters

Unfortunately if you’ve got pencil thin legs you’re basically out of luck. There’s just not enough leg and variance to wrap around and hold firm. Get to the gym and put on some weight so you have enough leg to support your holster.

If you have a thin ankle and bigger calf you can get additional support with an ankle strap. Even with a large ankle a strap is pretty nice.

Wear Bulky Pants To Hide Your Outline

Unfortunately, no matter what you do ankle holsters are going to be visible under your pants. The Glock 27 is a pretty big gun and you’ll have a slight outline. Don’t worry it’s actually not that bad.

Most people don’t spend time looking at each others ankles so you don’t really have to worry about being called out. Just wear pants with wider pant legs so you have a little more space to conceal.

If you have a customer facing job, ankle holsters are the perfect choice. Can’t even count how many unexpected hugs I get throughout the week working an offsite sales job. It wouldn’t be possible to wear a IWB holster without somebody quickly noticing.

Which Glock 27 Ankle Holster is Right For You?

For everyday carry you can’t go wrong with the Galco Ankle Glove. This is the best holster for everyday carry or for your backup gun. You simply can’t beat the quality of this holster.

It has both a high level of quality and extreme comfort. This is the holster I would choose if my life was regularly on the line. The majority of civilians would be fine using one of the mid range holsters like the Fobus Ankle Holster or the DeSantis Ankle Holster. Both of these holsters offer a high level of quality at a moderate price.

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