Are Ozark Trail Tents Good? Quality, Durable, Waterproof

I’m always looking for high-quality camping gear that doesn’t cost a small fortune. So I went up to my local Walmart to see what they had in stock. They have a few common brands like Coleman/Bushnell, but the vast majority of their tents are made by Ozark Trail.

Ozark Trail makes a wide variety of products at an affordable price point, but are they any good?

Ozark Trail Quality

If you’re not a hardcore camper, Ozark Trail is one of the best gear manufacturers out there. They offer products that are pretty durable at an affordable price.

Anybody that’s looking for gear that doesn’t need to last forever should seriously consider Ozark Trail.

My Experience With Ozark Trail

Honestly, I haven’t spent a lot of time camping in Ozark Trail gear. Their products just aren’t designed to meet my needs on long backpacking trips. The gear is heavy and not quite durable enough for my needs.

However, the vast majority of the population isn’t going to need a tent to last more than a handful of trips. I’ve asked around, talked to my coworkers/friends and they all had positive experiences with Ozark Trail.

Are Ozark Trail Tents Any Good?

Due to its low price point Ozark Trail tents are very popular among inexperienced campers. You really can’t beat the price, and they’re actually fairly durable. (Check out some of these tents)

Ozark Trail offers the same quality as Coleman at a budget price. Their products are designed to target the casual camper that might get out a few times per year.


By far the best thing about Ozark Trail is their price. Ozark Trail makes some of the cheapest tents on the market.

Designed for beginners and casual campers they have a wide variety of products. They’re directly competing with some of the biggest names in the industry. With tents in all shapes and sizes they’re perfect for families big and small.

Ozark Trail Tent Durability

As with everything in life you get what you pay for. Obviously at such a low price you aren’t getting the most durable tent in the world. That being said it’s good enough for the vast majority of the population.

Ozark Trail markets their gear towards the casual outdoorsman. They are the perfect tent for short weekend getaways, festivals, and car campers.

I was honestly surprised the first time I opened up a Ozark Trail tent. The materials/construction wasn’t all that fancy, but it was built pretty solid.

Over time the zippers will fail and the floor will start to leak, but it will likely last a few years. Considering their 2-person tent is a quarter of the price of your average REI tent it’s well worth the price.


Out of the box all Ozark Trail tents are going to be waterproof. Do you want to rely on a $30 tent during a week-long trip in the rainy season? Obviously Not!

However, Ozark Trail tents should keep you dry in your average rainstorm. With any cheap tent, you’ll eventually have waterproofing issues along the seams.

All tents come from the factory with a DWR(Durable Water Repellant) coating. DWR is only designed to last a few years even with expensive gear. Over time it slowly gets worn off and lets in water.

You can delay the inevitable by spraying down your seams with KIWI Camp Dry Spray every time you set up camp. It only takes like 2 minutes to spray down your gear and significantly extends the waterproofing

Perfect For Spring, Summer and Fall

Even though some of their products are marketed as four-season I wouldn’t recommend Ozark Trail during the winter. Winter camping needs to be taken seriously and Ozark Trail tents just don’t stand up in harsh weather.

Throughout the spring, summer and fall Ozark Trail tents are going to be good enough for the average camper. Most of the tents are breezy, durable and stand up in moderate weather.

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