Finding The Best Tree Stand Climbing Sticks

If my grandfather saw some of the modern hunting equipment we used today he’d be amazed. The days of old fashioned hand built tree stands are behind us.

With modern advancements in the sport just about everything we once knew is changing. With all kinds of high tech hunting instruments just about everything is getting easier.

At one point a tree stand was nothing more than a few boards nailed to a well-picked tree. Nowadays things are getting a little more complicated.

Tree stands are getting lighter and easier to access. About the one thing that hasn’t changed is that you still have to get up into your tree. The best option you have is a nice set of tree stand climbing sticks.

What are The Best Climbing Sticks?

1. Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks

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The Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks are definitely some of the best on the market. With Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks you’ll be able to get up the tree in a hurry.

The Sticks are quick quiet and easy to use. The only real downside to this system is the steep price tag. With reversible steps you’ll be able to customize this ladder system to fit perfectly with the tree stand of your choice.

They are actually designed to nest together and mount directly to the Lone Wolf Assault Tree Stand or Alpha II Tree Stand, but they work well with any stand.

These climbing sticks feature pivoting V-Brackets to match the natural contours of the tree. You’ll have a more secure climb compared to the rest of the competition.

You can use this system on any tree from 4″-22″ diamater. With a 15″ distance between each step and 350 lb weight capacity it will work with almost any hunter.

Most of the competition has a max weight rating of 300 lbs. The steps are large enough for my size 13 insulated boots and naturally grip the soles. This is a lightweight and easy to use system each stick weighs a total of 2 1/2 lbs and measures 32″ long. It’s almost as easy to carry out to the tree as it is to mount.

2. Guide Gear 25′ Climbing Sticks

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The Guide Gear 25′ Climbing Sticks are another great option. At a fraction of the price of the above Lone Wolf Sticks you can’t go wrong with these. With a 25′ span these sticks will get you up into even the highest tree stand.

When the majority of climbing sticks go up to 20′ Guide Gear goes up even higher. The extra 5′ of height might mean the difference between a deer smelling your scent and you getting off that shot.

This unit seperates into 5 foot sections so it’s a little bulkier than the some of the competition but it’s easily managable. Each piece connects directly to the other for added maximum stability.

The bottom section even has a tool to mount it securely into the ground. With a 300 lb weight rating they should be more than sturdy enough for most adults. If you’re looking to save a little money and find a seat above the competition the Guide Gear 25′ climbing sticks are an excellent choice.

 3. Millenium Treestands 20′ Stick Climber

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The Millennium Treestands M210 20′ Stick Climber is another budget minded solution. These budget climbing sticks were built to last a lifetime. You can’t go wrong with a lightweight strong steel construction.

They use a series of stand offs to hold the ladder a little farther away from the tree. If you have big feet you’ll be able to tell the difference this makes. It uses a V stabilizer to plant firmly onto the ground giving you a sturdy climb.

It also includes a dual top step for an even more secure climb. With a total of 5 – 4 foot sections each weighing close to 4 lbs each these aren’t the lightest climbing sticks on the market. If you weigh less than 300 lbs these are an excellent choice.

4. Summit Treestands Climbing Sticks

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Summit Treestands came up with their own proprietary set of climbing sticks. These climbing sticks would be higher up this list for a lot of people, but you either love or hate them.

Summit Treestand calls these climbing sticks the vine because of the unnusual pattern of the sticks. They naturally camouflage better than the rest of the competition.

They come in very light 4 foot sections so you shouldn’t have any trouble carrying them out to your tree stand. If you have large feet you may have a difficult time getting your boot securely planted on each step.

It might seem like a small concern, but when you’re 20 feet up it could be a huge issue. If you’re even remotely athletic you shouldn’t have much of a problem with these climbing sticks.

They also have one of the worst weight limits of any of the sticks on the market. With a weight limit of 260 lbs you can see that these weren’t designed with larger men in mind. These climbing sticks securely mount to the tree and offer dual post stability to prevent slipping. If you’re on the smaller side The Summit Treestands vine climbing sticks are a great solution.

How To Use Climbing Sticks

Even though climbing sticks seem to be a pretty straightforward tool I have a few tips to increase the safety of your climb.

  • Many people find it easier to assemble the entire unit and lean it up against the tree before they climb. As you go up you’ll be able to easily fasten the straps to each section to secure your climb.
  • You might want to use a natural camoflauge to try and blend the climbing sticks into the tree. Vines will work well to blend the steps into the natural surroundings.
  • Make sure you practice climbing into the tree stand before your hunt. The last thing you want is to find out you won’t be able to safely get into your tree stand with all your gear.
  • You might want to have a spotter with you the first time you try using your climbing sticks. Not only will he be able to help you put everything together, he’ll be able to get help if somehow you manage to fall out of the tree.

Which TreeStand Climbing Sticks are Best?

The absolute best set of climbing sticks for your tree stand are the Lone Wolf 4 – Pc. Climbing Sticks. Lone Wolf’s climbing sticks are not only the lightest they offer the highest weight capacity of all the sticks.

If you’re on a tight budget you need to look at the Guide Gear Sticks or the Millennium Treestand Climber. Both of these budget solutions offer a 300 lb weight capacity and are more than good enough for most hunters. If you are somewhat athletic and want the most camouflaged product on the market purchase the Summit Treestands The Vine.

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