Best Ruger LCR Holster: IWB, Ankle, Concealed Carry

Galco Makes the best ruger lcr holster

Whether you love it, or hate it the Ruger LCR is one of the most popular revolvers available. Due to the rise in popularity of concealed carry Ruger released an LCR in a variety of different calibers. You don’t have to be a gun expert to see that it was designed specifically for concealed carry. At nearly 50 percent of the weight of the Ruger Sp101 it quickly dominated Ruger’s concealed carry lineup.  After you purchase this great revolver you’re going to need to pair it with an excellent holster.

Ruger’s LCR was made for concealed carry so it only makes sense that you’d need a extremely reliable holster.  The Blade-Tech Industries Holster is easily the best Ruger LCR Holster I’ve seen for concealed carry.  You can’t go wrong with Blade-Tech’s extremely thin yet durable design.  If you’re looking for a OWB Solution you might want to try the Galco Speed Paddle Holster.

What’s The Best Ruger LCR Holster?

1. Blade-Tech Industries IWB Holster

Notable Features:

  • Affordably Priced Kydex Holster
  • Heavy Duty Injection Molded Plastic
  • Easy to Conceal Slim Design
  • Audible Positive Lock Trigger Guard
  • Extremely Comfortable

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The Blade-tech industries Klipt holster is one of the best IWB holsters for the Ruger LCR. Most people have a love or hate relationship with polymer holsters.

It’s hard to hate this Blade-tech holster especially for the price. It isn’t your typical cheap kydex holster. Blade-tech industries uses an injection molded plastic which is more durable and less heat sensitive. It’s a step in the right direction for the polymer holster industry.

Blade-tech designs their holsters to be a inexpensive, comfortable option that securely conceals your firearm. Unlike most kydex holsters, blade tech designed the Klipt holster not to be entirely dependent on the tension screw.

With Blade-techs patented positive lock trigger guard design you won’t have to worry about retention. With an audible click you’ll know that your gun is fully seated in the positive lock system.

It should give you some ease of mind knowing that your LCR won’t unknowingly fall out of the holster. The only real downside I can see on the Blade-Tech Holster is it’s belt clip.The belt clip seems a little small for my liking, but it’s easily manageable.

By far the best thing about the Blade-Tech Klipt Holster is it’s design. Blade-Tech designed the holster to fit like a glove around your LCR. The slim profile and lightweight design makes it extremely comfortable. You’ll quickly forget that the Blade-Tech Holster is even there. If you’re looking for a Kydex holster you can’t go wrong with this BladeTech holster.

2. Galco Speed Paddle Holster

Notable Features:

  • Premium Leather OWB Holster
  • Open Top Design
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Covered Trigger Guard

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If you’re looking for an open carry holster you can’t go wrong with the Galco Speed Paddle Holster. Galco’s designs some of the nicest holsters on the market, and this holster is no exception. Made out of a sturdy premium leather the speed paddle holster is made to last.

Galco’s speed paddle holster is by far the best OWB holster on the market. Galco uses premium cut steerhide saddle leather for all their leather holsters. The beautiful design was perfectly molded to function with the LCR. Choose between black or tanned leather and right/left handed draw. It can even be used with crimson trace laser grips if your gun’s equipped.

Designed for optimum draw speed while still holding the gun firmly. The open top design allows you to quickly draw the Ruger LCR without having to fumble around with straps. Like all good holsters there’s a covered trigger guard and retention system.

You can adjust the retention system by tightening or loosening a screw found on the side of the holster. At medium retention you’ll be able to run without worrying about losing your revolver.

This is especially impressive after looking at the speed paddle system Galco employs. Galco’s speed paddle system was designed to allow you to remove the holster without having to take off your belt. If you’re looking for a premium OWB holster that will last for years look no further than this Galco Holster.

3. The Defender Leather IWB Holster

Notable Features:

  • Affordably Priced IWB Holster
  • Premium Bullhide Leather
  • Made in The USA by Expert Craftsmen
  • Compact Comfortable Design
  • High Levels of Retention

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I really like the Defender series of holsters by Relentless Tactical. Relentless Tactical designed its defender holsters to cover a wide range of small firearms. All of these holsters are made in America and come with a high level of craftsmanship.

With a Relentless tactical Holster you won’t have to worry about cheap materials or quality concerns. Handmade by American Craftsmen the Defender holster will last a lifetime of abuse.

By far the best thing about Relentless Tactical holsters is its build quality. They don’t use cheap synthetic leather or knockoff belt clips to save a little money.

With all Holsters made in the USA by expert craftsmen you won’t have to worry about quality control issues. Relentless Tactical is a small holster company that seems to take pride in their work. Offering a lifetime warranty on their products it’s hard to go wrong with a Relentless Tactical Holster.

Defender Holsters compact design is a perfect fit for the Ruger LCR. Made from a high quality Bullhide Leather, after an initial break-in period you’ll have a perfect fit. Designed for optimum concealment you won’t have to worry about printing with a Defender holster.

The compact open top design gives you a smooth and quick draw without suffering from retention issues. Offering high levels of retention and a covered trigger guard your Ruger LCR will be there when you need it most. You don’t have to settle for a cheap holster thanks to Relentless Tactical’s affordable pricing. If you’re looking for a comfortable leather IWB holster you can’t go wrong with the Relentless Tactical Defender Holster.

4. Galco Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

Notable Features:

  • Premium Ruger LCR Ankle Holster
  • Comfortable and Durable Design
  • Quick Thumbreak Retention Strap
  • Reinforced Sheepskin For Added Comfort
  • Neoprene Ankle Glove

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Galco makes some of the best holsters in the industry; so it’s no surprise that they make a great ankle holsters for the Ruger LCR. There’s really not a lot of good ankle holsters for the LCR.

Most of the holsters are generic universal ankle holsters that neither secure the gun or feel comfortable. If you’re looking for an ankle holster the Ankle Lite’s the only quality option.

Galco has an Ankle Lite holster for almost every compact firearm on the market. As a premium holster solution they’re all designed for a perfect fit. Galco’s ankle lite holsters are by far the most comfortable ankle holster on the market.

By their very nature ankle holsters will take a little while to get used to. After the initial adjustment period Galco’s Ankle Lite will feel like an extension of your leg. The wide neoprene ankle band feels no different than a tall sock on your ankle.

With additional sheepskin padding between your leg and gun you won’t have to worry about rubbing and chafing. The velcro strap is easy to adjust and can accommodate calves up to 13″ in circumference.

Unlike most ankle holsters the Ankle Lite is easy to draw. With the reinforced thumb break retention strap you’ll be able to quickly draw your firearm.  If you’ve ever thought about ankle carry do yourself a favor and buy the Galco Ankle Lite.


Open Carry vs Concealed Carry

Due to it’s relatively small size and lightweight frame the LCR is designed for concealed carry. You’re holster needs are going to depend on what you want the holster for. You want a holster that’s quick to access and easy to draw while low profile.  The majority of people carry their Ruger LCR in either a IWB holster or a ankle holster.

Best Concealed Carry Holster For LCR

  1. Ruger LCR IWB Holsters- If you’re looking for a concealed carry holster you can’t go wrong with the Blade-Tech IWB Holster or the Defender Leather IWB Holster. An IWB holster is the best concealed carry solution for most people. The quick draw speed an excellent concealment makes IWB holsters the best solution for most people.
  2. Best LCR Ankle Holster- The only ankle holster I would currently recommend is the Galco Ankle Lite. Where most ankle holsters are cheap and uncomfortable the ankle lite is not. Ankle holsters are great in offices where having a gun is frowned upon or for a backup gun.

Best LCR OWB Holster:

  1. Galco’s Speed Paddle Holster is by far the best owb holster on the market. With excellent retention and a quick draw speed you can’t go wrong with this Galco Holster.

Which Holster is Right For You?

To find a holster you are going to first need to take a hard look at your typical day.  What type of clothes do you wear? What kind of work do you do?  Are you in a gun friendly state? Are you allowed to carry a gun at work?  After you figure out a little bit about yourself you should have a better grasp on holster options.

Determine How You Want To Carry

The first thing that you are going to need to do is figure out how you are going to carry your gun.  Luckily the Ruger LCR is a versatile gun so you have a lot of options.  Determine if you are going to open carry or carry concealed.  Unless you’re in law enforcement or live in a gun friendly town I would highly recommend a concealed carry holster.

  • Inside Waistband Carry(IWB Carry):  IWB carry is by far the most popular carry method, and for good reason.  It’s one of the easiest and most comfortable carry options available.  By tucking the holster into your waistband you are able to conceal your gun in just about any outfit.  You’re going to have to choose between appendix carry and small of the back(or anything in between).  Personally I prefer appendix carry, but it’s up to you.
  • Ankle Carry:  Ankle holsters offer a deep level of concealment not found in other holster options.  Ankle holsters are nearly invisible and perfect for corporate settings.  If concealed carry is frowned upon you can always wear a ankle holster.  They’re especially popular in customer facing positions where a gun could make people feel uncomfortable.
  • Outside The Waistband(OWB):  OWB holsters are another common option.  Especially in the law enforcement community.  Unless you plan on wearing baggy clothing everyday you’re going to need to make sure open carry is legal in your state.  Some states have backwards laws about carrying openly in public.

Retention is one of those things that can make or break a holster.  Holster retention comes in two different flavors: passive and active retention.  Passive retention holsters are designed to hold the gun stable through proper construction.  The different materials used and shape of the holster will affect the holsters hold.  Most holsters use a passive retention system and some are even adjustable.  Active retention systems use a user activated retention system to release the gun, like buckles and push buttons.

Holster Fitting

There are a ton of different holster options on the market to choose from.  You might be tempted to buy that cheap 5$ universal holster you saw at Wal-Mart, but try and resist.  Universal holsters not only offer horrible retention and draw speed they can often damage your gun.  Just think about your gun wiggling around in a ill fitted holster made out of a rough material.  The though of damaging a few of my prized guns is enough to make my skin craw.  Due to the poor retention systems most universal holsters tend to use a strap style retention system.  Meaning you have to slowly unbuckle the strap before you draw.  That might be ok when you’re out hunting, but it’s not going to cut it in a self defense situation.

You can’t just buy any holster and hope that it’s going to fit your gun.  Do yourself a favor and buy a holster that’s designed specifically for the Ruger LCR.  It will offer excellent retention without the need for straps, and significantly improve your draw speed.  Leather holsters are often tight when you first buy them, but they will expand to the perfect size in time.  Polymer holsters work a little bit differently.  Most polymer holsters use a retention system that can be adjusted.  To adjust a polymer holster simply screw or unscrew to adjust the tightness.


To determine your function you will first need to examine where you are going to use the gun.  Other than avoiding a few beers at the bar, you shouldn’t have to adjust your lifestyle to carry a gun. Choose a gun and holster that matches your lifestyle not the other way around.  Ideally the holster won’t require a lot of upkeep and secure your firearm under all circumstances.  You’re going to have to pick a holster that matches your wardrobe.  Don’t choose a shoulder holster if you wear tank tops everyday or ankle holster if you regularly wear shorts.  It’s not rocket science, it just takes a little bit of common sense.

Which is The Best LCR Holster?

In my opinion the best concealed carry holster for the Ruger LCR is the Relentless Tactical Defender Holster. It is a very high quality IWB holster and should last for the life of the Ruger LCR. I personally have an affinity for leather holsters, if you prefer the lightweight kydex holsters than you will probably like the Blade-Tech Holster. 

The blade tech holster offers a high level of quality at a very low cost. There are a lot of ankle holsters available for the Ruger LCR. Most of them are generic cheap holsters that I wouldn’t trust my life to. Personally I think that the only quality ankle holster for the Ruger LCR is the Galco Ankle Lite.  Any of the above holsters would be an excellent choice for your Ruger LCR.

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